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Milos Yacht Charter Guide
Day Yacht Rental Mykonos to Milos. Weekly Cruise in Cyclades.

Yacht Rental Mykonos Milos

A private Mykonos yacht rental to Milos allows you the freedom to craft the perfect escape amidst the iconic scenery. With its endless array of natural wonders and rich cultural heritage, Milos stands out as a unique and unforgettable destination amongst the beautiful islands of Greece. Charter a Mykonos yacht to Milos island.

Milos Guide

Taking the stage for its magnificent atmosphere, rich history, scenic fishing villages, exquisite cuisine, and intense blue bays, Milos Island is a timeless Cycladic treasure that will leave you speechless with its captivating beauty. Prepare to be mesmerized by the extraordinary lunar-like landscape of Sarakiniko. This area features a stunning complex of greyish-white volcanic rock formations set against vibrant turquoise waters. These captivating surroundings provide the perfect opportunity to relax and take in the breathtaking views of the nearby island of Kimolos.

Accessible by yacht, the renowned Kleftiko is a must-see destination, known for its pristine, crystal-clear waters, intricate caves, and striking rock formations. Enjoy picturesque views of the Syrmata villages and partake in swimming and snorkeling adventures within the enchanting Sykia sea cave. If you venture east of Milos, you'll discover Poliegos, a place renowned for having some of the most surreal blue-green waters imaginable.

Explore the hidden gems of Tsigrado and Firiplaka, two stunning beaches on the island of Milos that can only be accessible by yacht. As you step onto their golden sands, you'll find yourself immersed in a tranquil and secluded paradise, surrounded by the breathtaking natural beauty of Milos. Whether you're looking to bask in the sun, swim in the crystal-clear waters, or unwind in peace, these secluded beaches offer a truly enchanting experience.

Plaka, a charming village on the island of Milos, is renowned for its breathtaking traditional Cycladic architecture. The narrow cobblestoned streets wind through a maze of white-washed cube houses adorned with vibrant windows, creating a postcard-perfect scene at every turn. The Church of Panagia Korfiatissa, perched atop a hill, provides a spectacular panoramic view of the Gulf of Milos, offering a mesmerizing vista of the deep blue sea and the picturesque neighboring islands.

Immerse yourself in the delightful experience of sipping a refreshing cocktail at the charming bar in Milos. This quaint establishment maintains its traditional allure while offering captivating views of the majestic Aegean Sea. Additionally, treat your taste buds to the freshest and most delectable seafood in Milos while taking in awe-inspiring vistas.

Milos Highlights

A day cruise in Milos allows you to savor the majestic scenery unveiled in remoted coves while relishing the utmost luxury and flexibility. A Mykonos yacht rental to Milos allows one to delve into the magnificent, colorful landscape and sets the stage for an unforgettable journey enhanced by the romantic aura.


Yacht Rental Milos

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